Our Story

Inspired by our love for beauty and our passion for the environment, we want Truth About Makeup to be transparent and honest. Whilst it’s almost impossible to be 100% sustainable, we like a challenge and our ambition is to do our bit for the beauty world.

We collaborate with independent UK brands to bring you handcrafted products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and made with a good helping of love. All our ingredients are ethically sourced and the packaging is completely recyclable

Truth about Makeup's


Founded by planet-conscious makeup artist, Liv, Truth About Makeup is inspired by a community of ethical beauty lovers in search of skincare and makeup products that are kind to the earth, while being kind to ourselves.

Liv has 5 years experience working in the beauty industry. After discovering that palm oil dominated beauty products, alongside the negative impact of non-disposable packaging, Liv wanted to work with sustainable products, and what better way to do that than by creating your own consciously curated beauty universe?

Believing that skincare and makeup shouldn’t harm the earth, Liv set up Truth About Makeup to raise awareness around ethical beauty. Truth About Makeup stands against animal testing, non recyclable packaging, and irresponsibly sourced ingredients.



Ethically sourced, Truth About Makeup focuses on supporting independent UK brands who use thoughtful packaging, vegan and palm oil-free ingredients that don’t test on animals.

Truth About Makeup cares about the process of creating the products and the impact that has on the planet. If you feel the same way, then our consciously curated products are probably right up your street (or nature trail). Spread the word and let’s leave an earth-friendly footprint that benefits the beauty industry, the planet, and ourselves.