As part of our very first collection here on Truth About Makeup, were delighted to introduce you to Queenie Organics. We strive to work with independent UK brands who want to have a positive impact on the world, creating vegan and cruelty-free products, all tied up with sustainable packaging. And Queenie Organics certainly ticks that box!

Without further ado, lets dig deeper into Queenie Organics.

Queenie Organics logo

Who Are Queenie Organics?

Founder of Queenie Organics, JC, has always had a flair for creativity and experimenting. A fine art and photography student, he eventually began to work on films, adverts, and documentaries as a cinematographer. As if this wasnt already cool enough, he then decided to use his creative skills to his advantage and began researching natural alternatives to craft his very own remedy to help with his skin problems. 

Suffering from dry, cracked skin, rashes, and cold sores since a young age, he set about formulating his own personal product to take better care of his skin, while also working on a documentary about the refugee crisis. This became an important period for JC, who was inspired to set up Queenie Organics to also help raise money for the charities he was currently working with during that time. 

As he spent time researching the formulation for his products, he realised that most emulsifiers in creams contain palm oil, which went against his environmental beliefs. This became the catalyst for experimenting and perfecting products for Queenie Organics and so the brand was launched in 2018.

Queenie Organics hand and body moisturisers

Since then, Queenie Organics has worked in the film and fashion industry and has even been rated no.2 for Most Ethical Skincare Brand by Ethical Consumer Magazine, creating award-winning skincare. It goes without saying were very proud to be collaborating with this brand!

Why Queenie Organics?

Queenie Organics' values go beyond the planet because they want to support humans too. Registered by the vegan society, all their products are vegan, using no animal products, or even derivatives. It also means no animals are tested in the making or ingredients of their products. 

Queenie Organics is completely palm-oil free, being the first skincare brand in England to be certified by POFCAP as palm-oil free. All emulsifiers are palm oil free, along with glycerine too. 

What Can Queenie Organics Do For You?

You can find some of Queenie Organics' skincare products on the Truth About Makeup online store. Currently, these products focus on dry, sensitive, combination, and mature skin needing some tender loving care and extra moisturising. 

Head over to the store now and find your new favourite hydrating face cream!

March 15, 2022